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The soffit and fascia of a home are extremely important because they are designed to complement the exterior of your house and work alongside your siding to provide you with the rich appearance and refinement that you require


Most people recognize the terms “soffit” and “fascia” and have at least a general idea of their function and where they are located, but they aren’t something we typically pay much attention to. While they may be minor details, you shouldn’t fail to keep them in good condition, as they do play an important role.


Soffit & fascia come in various materials, including vinyl, wood and aluminum. We’ll be happy to discuss your options and the advantages each type provides so you can decide which is best for your needs. 

Soffit & Fascia


The soffit is the area under your roof’s overhang that is only visible when you are close to the home. While it doesn’t affect curb appeal, if it is in bad condition, it will most certainly be noticed upon a closer inspection. Going beyond appearance, the purpose of the soffit is to permit proper ventilation through your attic so that moisture doesn’t build up while keeping insects and animals from entering. Bees, wasps, bats, and rodents can gain access if there is damage to your home’s soffit, and the resulting infestation can be costly to remedy.


If you are considering replacing the soffit on your Lehigh Valley,PA home, contact us today at HOME SHIELD PRO'S,. We will send a project consultant out to your home to give you a no-obligation estimate. We will work with you every step of the way, and we strongly believe in not pressuring customers to agree to anything they are not comfortable with. Our professional installers do quality work and can have the job done in no time. We do not expect Final payment until the job is done, and you are satisfied with our work.


The fascia is the exposed board where the gutters are attached to your home. This can affect curb appeal, but damage can also mean your gutters are in danger of falling and putting your home at risk for water damage. The fascia is also the last line of support for your roof, so it makes sense to keep it in good condition.


If you are looking to replace the fascia on your Lehigh Valley,PA home, contact us today at HOME SHIELD PRO'S,. We can come to your home and see if your home would benefit from fascia replacement. We can also go over all the options for new fascia with you. We’ll help you protect your home from damage and increase its curb appeal at the same time.


At HOME SHIELD PRO'S, we’ll be happy to install and replace your home’s soffit or fascia in Bethlehem,PA; Lehigh Valley,PA,  and the surrounding areas . Call our team today to get an estimate!

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