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Vinyl Siding Finding The Right Siding Company near you Siding Companies near me

Odyssey Siding Home Shield Pro'S
Odyssey Home Siding

Local Family owned Fully Licenced and insured

Odyssey Plus offers a premium 0.044 panel thickness with advanced lock design that provides superior rigidity

What is the difference between Charter Oak and Odyssey?

Charter Oak® is Alside's flagship siding product, combining authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom. Odyssey® Plus is everything you'd expect from a premium siding product, without the premium price.

Odyssey Plus siding Companies near me

Odyssey Plus siding is everything you'd expect from a premium siding product, without the premium price. Installers love the double nailing fin, which makes it a breeze to install. Extra .044” panel thickness and an advanced lock design provide superior rigidity and holding power. And if you like choices, Odyssey Plus has you covered. With 4 profile options, Double 4” Dutch lap and Straight lap, and Double 5” Dutch lap and Straight lap. Available in 24 beautiful, timeless colors. Covered by one of the industry’s best lifetime transferable warranties

Who does siding near me?

Before choosing a siding company or professional to install, replace or repair your siding, read reviews posted by their past customers in your area


  1. Builder’s grade: If you’re renovating with a tight budget, this one's for you. Measuring .40mm, it’s the thinnest and cheapest siding option. This grade is used in the majority of residential homes, but it doesn’t provide much insulation and can crack easily.

  1. Thin residential grade: With a thickness of .42mm, it is still one of the more inexpensive options while providing decent insulation. Although it doesn’t protect against hot, penetrative heat, as well as thicker grades.

  1. Standard residential grade: At .44mm in thickness, this grade is one of the more common choices. It provides adequate insulation and sturdiness while remaining cost-effective.

  2. Thick residential grade: Similar to the standard grade, this grade provides decent insulation with a .46mm thickness and can still be cost-effective.

  3. Super thick grade: Being .50mm thick, this can become a bit pricey. However, these sidings provide good protection against rain and wind and offer lots of insulation.

  4. Premium grade: This is the most expensive grade on the market measuring .52mm to .55mm thick. It does provide decent protection and insulation from penetrative heat and low temperatures

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